A Drug-Free Migraine Treatment & Prevention

A Drug-Free Migraine Treatment & Prevention



Migraines are not ordinary headaches triggered after a stressful day. They are diagnosed after the patient suffers a minimum of five attacks on a road, lasting from 4 to 72 hours each. It can paralyze the victims and leave them bedridden for days, compromising their jobs, relationships, and other commitments.

Why Should You Take Migraine Seriously?

This is what happened to Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll, throughout the early years of his career. Since he was a musician, his lifestyle was not governed by a strict work schedule. However, he had to show up when called, or else it meant money down the drain. His migraine episodes appeared spontaneously, he was unable to prevent them. As a result, he lived in constant fear, worried they would strike again at any moment, disabling him for days, and depriving him of valuable job opportunities. He couldn't open his eyes, and even the slightest whisper resembled the sound of an avalanche during these dreadful incidents. Needless to say, pills or painkillers did not mitigate his symptoms, sometimes they even made them worse. 

A Drug-Free Solution

drug free solution


But now times have changed, and effective treatments have been discovered to mitigate the effects of this condition, such as the use of migraine headbands. This is a migraine treatment at home that relieves symptoms quickly and effectively, preventing future episodes. For the first time since his teenage years, he was taking control of his condition and feeling more confident about his commitments.

If you are intrigued, read on and find out a little more about it.

 Migraine’s Symptoms and Treatment

 According to the New York Times, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men suffer from migraines, an alarming number due to the unfortunate consequences this entails. Moreover, no action has been found to prevent them from developing. If you get them, there is nothing you can do about it but look for the most effective way to reduce them.

 Migraine can produce terrible pain and throb on one side or all over the head. It is usually accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to any kind of light and sound, making the sufferer go through a very long and painful experience.

Those who accompany these individuals must be extremely careful not to add to their suffering and help them overcome it more quickly. After each long episode, the person must take a day to recover, as they end up exhausted after enduring so much discomfort.

Migraine sufferers have to make important changes in their lifestyle and eating habits, compromising their social and work environment and adapting them to this condition. They often develop depressive symptoms due to these impairments and the fear of not having control over their situation.

But for the first time in history, adequate treatment is being given to people suffering from migraines, which is most of the time misdiagnosed.

 A study conducted by the National Library of Medicine indicated that 88% of patients who report having headaches actually suffer from migraines and doctors fail to recognize it. Yet, after it is properly diagnosed, it has been found that the best treatment for migraine is natural and drug-free. Those treatments that are non-toxic and chemical-free bring lasting and more permanent relief to patients.

 There’s Hope For Migraine Sufferers

 Traditional migraine treatments are often expensive and not very effective. Sufferers end up taking a combination of pills that more or less mitigate the pain, but do not fully relieve it.

 Headbands for migraine headaches directly attack the problem by applying ice to the neck and head to reduce the effects of these pains, providing a cooling relief without suffering from the side effects of painkillers.

 They rapidly reduce the size of swollen blood vessels in the head, mitigating even the most aggressive of episodes. As a natural migraine treatment, it can be used by all individuals, regardless of their allergies or conditions. And not only does it reduce the effects and number of migraines per day, but it also minimizes the symptoms of stress, as well as common headaches.

 How to Anticipate a Migraine?

 Certain symptoms signal an oncoming migraine, and it can prompt a person to take the proper precautions against a full-blown migraine attack. Having a migraine tool kit with aspirin, sunglasses, earplugs, essential oils, and a migraine headband in your purse is a must. Of course, headbands may attract some attention, but some have a fashionable design and go unnoticed.

 Some people suffer some symptoms in their nervous system before the migraine attacks, such as loss of vision, twinges in the leg or arm, slurred speech, and uncontrollable movements. As soon as you feel any of them, take the necessary measures.

 Migraine Triggers

 Different triggers vary depending on each person. Among them are:

 Hormonal changes in women, such as birth control pills or menopause. Also, beverages such as alcohol or caffeine are potential triggers. Of course, stressful situations and high-pressure environments can worsen symptoms, as well as climate changes and poor sleep habits.

 How to support someone with a migraine?

 It is important not to judge people who suffer from migraines. There is not enough information available on the subject, and the colleagues or friends of these sufferers judge them as unfriendly, lazy, or intolerant since they do not know about the terrible consequences of migraines.

 People suffering from this condition need their migraine support system to get ahead. Assisting them and making small gestures really do make a difference and cannot be taken for granted.

 If you live with someone who suffers from migraine attacks, make sure to tell the rest of the residents to keep the noise down as soon as one of these incidents begins.

 Also, make sure water and food are available to guarantee their symptoms are not worsened due to starvation or dehydration. It is essential to have patience during all stages of a migraine, from the beginning to the following recovery. For the accompanying person, it may seem tiresome, but the migraine sufferer will be eternally grateful.

 Here are some of the common questions that people ask about Migraines.

 What is The Fastest Way to Cure a Migraine?

 There is no magic formula that cures migraines, however, some methods are more effective than others. Pills and prescription painkillers to get rid of headaches usually do not work. Sometimes they even worsen the symptoms. Therefore, the best migraine treatments are natural such as the use of a migraine headband which offers a cooling effect that relieves symptoms quickly. Plus, they are free of chemicals and side effects, making them safe for all types of people.

 How Do you Stop Migraines?

 Traditionally, it was believed that migraines could not be stopped, since painkillers have no effect. Now, you can prevent them by avoiding certain foods, taking care of your sleep habits, and keeping stress in check. Now, if the migraine has already attacked, the use of devices that generate a cold effect on the forehead reduces the pain considerably. Also, staying somewhere quiet and dark, away from disturbing noises will help until the migraine passes.

 What Should I Eat for Migraines?

Certain foods trigger migraines and should be removed from your diet if you suffer from this condition. For instance, alcoholic or caffeinated beverages such as coffee or soda. Also tomatoes, cheese, and nuts can contribute to these symptoms.

 How Do you Sleep With a Migraine?

People going through a migraine episode have trouble sleeping. But if this is your case and you want to achieve the maximum possible rest, make sure your sleeping environment is dark, at a comfortable temperature, and free of disturbing noises. Also, avoid eating right before as it can prevent you from falling into a deep sleep. Try not to look at your cell phone screen, this will prevent the pain from increasing.

 Why Do Migraines Happen?

 All headaches are the result of blood flow through the brain. But to get a more specific idea, migraine headaches are caused by the excitation of some brain cells that release chemicals resulting in the swelling of the blood vessels in the head. For this reason, decreasing the swelling of these vessels is the most effective way to reduce their adverse effects.


 Migraines are a poorly understood condition by those who do not suffer from it. These people cannot fathom how a headache can take an adult person's life for days, even to the point of jeopardizing their job or relationships. But witnessing the suffering brought on by migraines will change the opinion of even the most skeptical and will propel them to find the most effective solution to this problem. 

Are You Looking for Migraine Prevention and Cure?


migraine headband


Something natural that would not compromise their loved ones’ health due to the side effects of pills, such as Zoe Tech's migraine headbands.

These bands are fully adjustable and are conditioned with essential oils to enhance their holistic nature. It is lightweight and people will hardly notice they are wearing it, besides featuring a comfortable and attractive design. The effects are greater than toxic painkillers and do not compromise the health of the rest of the organs, which wear out after prolonged use of pills. 

It is long-lasting and can be easily carried around in their car, purse, or on their desk, which makes it the best ally for the eradication of migraine. Also, let’s not forget that raising awareness, getting information, and supporting people who suffer from this condition are equally important as the treatment you decide to pursue. SHOP NOW Here.

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