Breaking the Myths About TENS Machines

Breaking the Myths About TENS Machines

For years, physiotherapists have been using electrotherapy as a part of their treatments. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is one of the most common electrotherapy treatments used.

The TENS machine sends low-level electrical pulses to the attached area of your body to relieve pain. These impulses will interfere with pain signals and stop them from being translated by your brain. As a result, you will not feel any pain. 

Although the TENS machine demand has been increasing, there are still many myths about these devices. Here are some of the most common myths about using a TENS machine: 

A TENS Machine is Not Safe to Use  

This myth is extremely far from the truth. A quality TENS machine is very safe to use. Unlike painkillers, a TENS machine is non-invasive. It does not require any injections.

Using a TENS machine does not have dangerous side effects. That is why many people prefer using a TENS machine over other pain relief methods. Some pain medications can cause liver damage or addiction with long-term use.

By using a TENS machine, you will not be at risk of any of that. The electrical charges of a TENS machine are not painful at all. Using a TENS machine will only give you a tingling sensation.

You Can Use a TENS Machine for Period Pain Only 

Using a TENS machine can help with many types of pain. You just need to learn how to use your TENS machine properly. A TENS machine can be used to reduce the pain in muscles, joints and nerves.

It can relieve short-term or chronic pain. That is why TENS machines are commonly used in physiotherapy.

TENS Machines Do Not Work

The TENS machine popularity does not come from anything. Today, hundreds of women are using TENS machines to help them overcome the pain of their period. You just need to know how to use a TENS machine properly.

The placement of the electrode pads is critical. The TENS machine should be placed at the outer edges of where you feel the pain. While using a TENS machine, you can adjust the strength of the electrical charges.

You can try various levels to see which works for you the most. A TENS machine should feel comfortable. However, the electrical charge should also be strong enough to ease the pain.

At Zoe Tech, we believe that being a woman does not mean enduring the pain in silence. That is why we have introduced our TENS machine to the market. Right from the start, our TENS machine has become an instant success with users.

Our gorgeous TENS machine can be worn discreetly under your clothes. No one will notice it. We have also designed our TENS machine to suit people of all shapes and sizes.

In addition, our TENS machine pads will not lose their stickiness for far longer than many other brands.

Stay in control of pain, no matter where you are. Order your TENS machine now!

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