Can a TENS Machine Reduce Period Pain?

Most women will experience period pain for the majority of their lives. The severity of the pain differs from one woman to another and even from one period to another. However, for many women, the cramps and pain can get so bad they cannot move. That is why women are turning to TENS machine pain relief.

Traditionally, women dealt with the pain by taking over the counter painkillers. Unfortunately, over time these drugs can negatively affect the body. Alternatively, TENS machines are considered a natural pain relief method for women, which is why they are becoming a more preferred method to minimise period pain.

Here is how a TENS machine can help you overcome period pain:

How Can a TENS Machine Ease Period Pain?

A modern TENS machine is a small, portable device. It has pads that you can attach to your skin, near the area of pain. When the TENS machine is turned on, the pads send soothing electric pulses to your body. These pulses suppress pain signals and prevent them from reaching the brain.

As a result, you will not feel the period pain anymore, but instead the tingling sensation of your TENS machine. The TENS machine pulses also encourage the body to produce higher levels of endorphins and encephalins. These are your body's natural pain killing chemicals.

What Are the Benefits of Using a TENS Machine?

Most women prefer using a TENS machine to reduce period pain. TENS machines are safe and easy to use at home or anywhere you want. You can wear your TENS machine under your clothes, and no one will notice it.

Using a TENS machine is the natural, non-invasive, and drug-free method of dealing with pain. According to hundreds of women, TENS machines are very effective in controlling their period pain. A TENS machine is compact and small. It can be worn while working or performing other daily activities.

Why Choose ZoeTech’s TENS Machine?

Since we started, hundreds of women have put their trust in our TENS machine to relieve their period pain. At ZoeTech, we believe in women's empowerment. Our goal is to help women take control of their bodies. That is why we have introduced our TENS machine to the market.

With a ZoeTech TENS machine, you will not have to worry about period pain anymore. Our TENS machine is portable, compact, and easy to use anywhere. It is also discreet and whispers silently. You will not have to worry about others finding out you are wearing a TENS machine.

We embrace women of all shapes and sizes, which is why our TENS machines are designed to fit all. Our TENS machine electrode pads are durable and have been known to outlast other brands. Our TENS machines undergo strict testing to ensure they are safe.

You do not have to worry about any side effects or malfunctions. Get a TENS machine you can rely on. Place your order now!

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