Here’s a Method That’s Helping Thousands to Stay Off Medication for Migraines

Here’s a Method That’s Helping Thousands to Stay Off Medication for Migraines


Do you suffer from frequent migraines? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Studies show that migraines affect 1.2 million Australians. Prevalence is higher among ladies. Nearly one in five (18.2 percent) suffer frequent migraines.

Many people turn to the latest medication for migraines for relief. However, thousands are ditching the drugs for safer, natural options to calm chronic headaches. Cold therapy is one such option. People have relied on cold therapy to treat pain and inflammation for many years. Today, it is common to apply ice packs on a sore body part for relief.

Studies show that cold therapy is effective against migraines. Products like Zoe Tech's migraine headbands are safe, natural, and affordable. Read on and learn how this treatment can help you to ditch medication for migraines.

How does the cold treatment work?

Cold therapy is a popular way to relieve pain due to inflammation. When you sprain an ankle or bump your head, it is almost natural to use an ice pack. The treatment is effective and fast because of the principles it applies. 

When you place the ice pack over the hurting body part, the cold temperature constricts blood vessels and reduces neurotransmission of pain messages. Instead of sending signals of pain due to the inflammation, the neurons report low temperature. Your reaction will be, “Oh, that’s cold!” Not “Ouch, my head hurts!”

In the study mentioned above, the subjects found that wrapping a frozen cloth around the neck - in the early stages of a migraine - significantly reduced the pain. An ice-cold migraine headband wraps both your head and the base of your skull. It is an effective relief from migraines.

Why you should consider ditching medication for migraines

You are probably wondering whats wrong with just taking medication. After all, you could easily pop a pill and prevent the migraine or get relief?

There is no doubt that powerful migraine medication is effective. However, these drugs do more than give you relief from chronic headaches. Studies show that migraine medication can cause many adverse side effects.

If you feel like the side effects could be too much, you are not alone. The downsides of migraine medications scare many people away. Fortunately, there are many ways to help ease a migraine naturally and avoid the adverse effects. Cold therapy is one of the most effective ways available for you.

What’s the best way to apply the cold treatment?

Doctors recommend placing the ice over the hurting area or at the cranial base at the onset of a migraine. Keep the cold pack in place for about 20 minutes. Then remove it and stay without it for about one hour. However, if you feel numbness or the burning sensation is too intense, shorten the intervals.

However, holding an ice pack on your head is cumbersome, and you would stop doing other activities.

Instead of an ice pack, consider using a migraine headband. It covers your head (including the cranial base) and applies ice-cold temperature evenly over the entire surface. Whether you are at the gym or busy at your desk, a migraine headband is easy to wear and is a great way to soothe those stabbing headaches and migraines.

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A final word on staying off medication for migraines

A safe and effective remedy for migraines could mean more productive, happy, and stress-free days for you. A migraine headband is a safe, natural, and affordable way to get soothing relief from painful headaches. If medications for migraines scare you or don’t work so well, talk to your doctor about purchasing a migraine headband.

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