How a TENS machine soothes period cramps

Every woman knows the discomfort of having her period. It’s never pleasant, can be very inconvenient, and for many women can cause significant pain.

More often than not, severe menstrual cramps can interfere with everyday activities for several days. And very few of us can afford to step out of our normal lives for this long, nor should we have to manage days of cramping and pain in stoic silence.

There is a solution! A TENS machine provides relief from period pain in a safe, effective, and convenient manner.

And best of all, a TENS machine is portable and streamlined so you can wear it undetected beneath your clothes. So, you can experience non-medicated pain relief wherever you go and whenever you need it.

Let us guide you through how a TENS machine can soothe your period cramps.

Block the signals

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) works by delivering low voltage electrical currents through the skin.

These pulses stimulate the nerve fibres that send and receive pain signals to and from the brain. Studies have shown this is highly effective in the treatment of symptoms caused by menstrual cramps.

In other words, a TENS machine blocks the pain signals to your brain, so that you don’t feel the body’s reaction to muscle cramping. Therefore, using a TENS machine enables you to experience pain relief by preventing the debilitating effects of period cramps.


A TENS machine uses adhesive electrode pads that sit easily against your skin. You will experience a soothing sensation as electrical pulses are delivered through the pads and directly into the affected area.

Additionally, these pads are easily attached and removable, with simple-to-use controls. Moreover, you can adjust the intensity of most TENS machines to suit your pain levels and whatever feels most comfortable to you.

You may have noticed that TENS machines have experienced a rise in popularity in recent years.

This is thanks to years of customisation and refinement through utilisation within the health industry as a drug-free alternative to manage pain.

Discreet design

A number of TENS machines on the market today are designed to provide you with a device that is easily portable and streamlined.

This means you can use your TENS machine in most circumstances and under most clothing without anyone knowing. As well as being extremely flexible, you can now experience pain relief wherever you are.

No more days on the couch with a hot water bottle doubled over with cramps. Above all else, with a TENS machine you can feel confident, energised, and pain-free any day of the month.

Experience relief today

At ZoeTech, we’ve got your back. And your front. Don’t put up with the pain caused by period cramps, and experience relief with our Zoe TENS machine. Our goal is to empower and help women live a less painful life with our holistic and drug-free approach to pain management.

A Zoe TENS machine will make ‘that time of the month’ a less strenuous and struggle-free time. Shop now and discover the ZoeTech difference.

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