How Does a TENS Machine Work?

Technology has made our lives easier on so many levels. Today, you do not have to endure pain silently anymore. A TENS machine will help you control your pain and continue on your day as usual.

With a TENS machine, you do not have to worry about pain stopping you from doing anything. TENS machines are safe and easy to use. They are considered the drug-free, non-invasive method to manage pain. That is why TENS machine demand has been growing steadily over the past years.

Before you join the hundreds of users benefiting from a TENS machine, here is what you need to know:

What Is a TENS Machine?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. It is a method of pain relief by using a mild electrical current. There is nothing to worry about at all. A TENS machine is entirely safe to use. It is a small, battery-operated device with sticky pads that you can wear under your clothes.

The pads of a TENS machine are where the tiny electrical impulses are delivered. That is why these pads should be put directly on your skin. The electrical impulses of a TENSE machine do not hurt at all. They will just give you a tingling feeling.

How Does a TENS Machine Work?

When you turn your TENS machine on, it starts sending electrical pulses to the pads on your skin. These pulses drain the pain signals and prevent the brain from receiving them. As a result, your body will feel only the tingling of the TENS machine. 

The pulses of a TENS machine also stimulate the production of endorphins in your body. These are your body’s natural painkillers. Therefore, they will make you naturally feel less pain. A TENS machine can be used for various types of body pain, such as period pain, back pain, and sports injuries.

How to Use a TENS Machine?

A high-quality TENS machine is safe to use on your own. It’s small and lightweight nature makes it perfect to use at work or when you’re out on the go. However, a TENS machine should not be used in water, while driving, or operating machinery.

To reduce your pain, all you need to do is attach the TENS machine pads to the right area of your body. Then, turn the TENS machine on and check the level of tingling. If you feel uncomfortable, you can reduce the intensity level of the electrical pulses to suit your preferences.

At ZoeTech, we believe that women should not just bear the pain and get used to living with it. That is why we have introduced our TENS machine to the market. You can wear our discreet TENS machine under your clothes, and no one will notice it. Our TENS machine is specially designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

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