Looking for the Benefits of a Sauna at Home? Our Infrared Sauna Blankets are the Answer!

Looking for the Benefits of a Sauna at Home? Our Infrared Sauna Blankets are the Answer!

Who doesn’t love a good sweat?! It can be so refreshing, almost euphoric, to feel your body ‘up-tempo in all the good ways. Cleanse yourself of toxins, reinvigorate your body and shed the worries of the day – the benefits are countless.


But with the non-stop nature of modern life, you may find it difficult to make it to the gym. Or visit the spa to get your sweet sauna time in. This is where ZoeTech has helped thousands - with the development of our infrared sauna blanket.


Our specialised infrared technology combined with our portable and compact design, ZoeTech has created a way in which you can experience the benefits of a sauna. From the comfort of your home.


Sweat the Bad Stuff – the Right Way


Sweating can have extremely beneficial therapeutic outcomes. A good sweat sesh will encourage your pores to open and release the nasties that build up below the surface. However, effectively purging your system of harmful toxins can have a detrimental effect on your health.


At ZoeTech, we have developed a convenient sauna-inspired solution that allows you to experience the detoxifying benefits of an intense sweat from the comfort of your home.


Our infrared sauna blanket can be used on any flat surface within your own four walls. That means you can sweat it out on your bed, your couch, or anywhere you feel comfy, without affecting your surroundings in the slightest.


Heat is created within the confines of the blanket, producing concentrated infrared rays that penetrate your skin—heating you from the inside out. This allows your body to produce the required level of sweat necessary to excrete the bad stuff without heating the outside of the blanket.


Your sweat will be contained to the blanket, the waterproof outer-casing will stay dry, and your external surfaces will remain sweat-free.


Healthy Heart and Mind – From Home


Overall, health and wellness should all be focused on. Optimal body function is important in helping us get through every day in the most effective way possible. A vital component of this is our cardiovascular and mental health.


Infrared saunas have been shown to increase blood flow and circulation within your body, along with lowering your blood pressure. Meaning your heart is receiving the right support to operate at peak performance.


In addition to purging the toxins from your body and encouraging better heart health, an infrared sauna blanket can help you effectively calm your mind and improve your mood.


Studies have shown that infrared light exposure can stimulate serotonin production - the ‘happy’ chemical released in our brain that can affect us. So, while your body is experiencing release, your mind can also benefit and allow you to relax and feel good.


Experience What an Infrared Sauna Blanket Can Do for You.


With the long list of health benefits, it’s hard to refute the amazing results an infrared sauna blanket can provide. Combine this with the convenience of a portable, compact design, and there is no reason you shouldn’t drop everything right now and purchase one for yourself.


ZoeTech is your go-to for a high-quality infrared sauna blanket, constructed with care utilising the latest infrared technology.


So, grab one today or contact our awesome team at ZoeTech to find out more about the amazing benefits that an infrared sauna blanket from ZoeTech can provide.

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