Looking For the Best Way to Relax After an Intense Workout? We've Got the Answer!

Looking For the Best Way to Relax After an Intense Workout? We've Got the Answer!

Looking For the Best Way to Relax After an Intense Workout? We've Got the Answer!

After a heavy workout, what most people want is to relax. However, they often find themselves in an endless cycle of hurting muscles and aching joints that delay their return to the gym and causes days of discomfort.

Sound familiar?

There is a solution! Infrared sauna blankets emit infrared heat waves that help soothe and relax your body - without leaving your home.

Still not sure?

Let's discuss how an infrared sauna blanket can help you relax after an intense workout.

How Does an Infrared Sauna Blanket Help You Relax After a Heavy Workout?


Infrared sauna blankets are like sleeping bags, emitting targeted infrared heat waves that bring a range of benefits for sore and tired muscles.

The best part?

Infrared sauna blankets heat your body whilst remaining cool outside, meaning that you can have the benefits of infrared heat therapy anywhere - even your couch.

Increased Blood Flow


While ordinary heat therapy effectively targets tight muscles near the surface, sometimes that isn't enough to relieve lactic acid build-up in deeper-set tissues. An infrared sauna blanket works by emitting infrared heat waves that penetrate deep into the body's tissues and warm from the inside. By generating internal warmth, blood flow is improved, and oxygen is carried around the body more effectively.

Muscles receive a boost of nutrients and release pent up lactic acid, making you feel better almost instantly.

Stimulates Muscle Repair


Infrared therapy has improved mitochondrial activity within tissues, stimulating faster growth and repair of new muscle cells.

An infrared sauna blanket optimizes the effects of infrared heat by encasing you in a weighted, closed-in environment that helps focus the waves on where you need them most. The infrared heat relaxes muscles and joints affected by strain or overuse, enabling them to heal more quickly.

Within just 20 minutes, you'll feel your soreness reduce and be ready for your next workout.

Releases Toxins


One of the best parts about visiting a sauna after a workout is feeling the tension you didn't even know you had begun to evaporate.

Stimulated by infrared heat, perspiration increases by up to 500%, flushing out built-up toxins and leaving your body feeling purified. An infrared sauna blanket envelopes your body to penetrate deep into tissues, increase sweat and rid your body of the harmful build-up for that rested, refreshed glow.

It Helps You Sleep Better at Night


Exercise has been proven to help with deeper, better quality sleep; however, this can be affected if you're sore all over.

A 20-minute session with an infrared sauna blanket helps relax both mind and body, loosening tight muscles and getting your body ready for a good night's sleep.

Loosen Your Muscles With an Infrared Sauna Blanket Today.

At ZoeTech, we believe infrared sauna blankets are the best way to relax after a workout or a day spent sitting at a desk.

They're economical, portable and bring the luxury of infrared heat therapy to your home - all without lifting a finger. Contact us today to learn more about infrared sauna blankets, and how they can help your recovery from intense physical exercise.

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