Reduce Period Pain with a TENS Machine

Reduce Period Pain with a TENS Machine

Feeling period pain is quite common amongst women. The strength of the pain might differ from one woman to another and even from one period to another. However, almost all women experience discomfort around the time of their periods.

With a TENS machine, you will not have to suffer anymore. By using TENS machine, your period pain will not interfere with your daily schedule. On the contrary, you can put your TENS machine on and continue your activities as usual.

Today, TENS machines come in discreet designs. So you can wear your TENS machine under your clothes, and no one will notice it.

Before you go shopping for the best TENS machine out there, here is more about how it works:

How Does a TENS Machine Reduce Pain?

To feel pain, the hurting area in your body sends signals to the brain. A TENS machine uses soothing electrical pulses to suppress these pain signals. You can say the TENS machine interferes with pain signals and prevent them from reaching the brain.

This way, you will not feel the pain. Period pain usually feels like muscle cramps in your tummy. However, it sometimes spreads to the back of the thighs as well. A TENS machine is ideal for alleviating painful period pain. It is non-invasive and drug free.

You just need to put your TENS machine on your lower tummy or back. The TENS machine will send electric pulses to this area, keeping the pain signals from reaching the brain.

The pulses of your TENS machine will also stimulate your body to produce high levels of endorphins and enkephalins. These are your body’s natural pain killing chemicals.

Why Women Prefer Using a TENS Machine?

Many women prefer using natural ways to relieve period pain. They do not like taking over the counter painkillers, such as aspirin. In general, all medications can have short- and long-term side effects. That is why women have turned to TENS machines.

Unlike painkillers, a TENS machine does not have severe side effects. Some people might just find the TENS machine pad irritating, but that is not common. A TENS machine is also small and discreet. You can wear it during your daily activities, and nobody will notice it. 

Why Choose a ZoeTech TENS Machine?

Recently, the TENS machine demand has increased, so did the supply. Today, you will find TENS machines of various shapes, sizes and brands. However, not all TENS machines are made the same. Hundreds of women swear by their ZoeTech TENS machine.

Unlike other brands, our TENS machine is not a hassle to wear. On the contrary, our TENS machine is small. Therefore, it can be discreetly worn under your clothes.

The ZoeTech TENS machine is designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes. In addition, it has long-lasting pads with stickiness that will outlast many other TENS machine brands.

Do not let period pain put your life on hold. Order your TENS machine today!
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