Switch off Period Pain With a TENS Machine

Every month, women experience some sort of period related pain. The pain can hurt so bad that it stops women from continuing with their regular everyday activities. With a TENS machine, you can forget about pain keeping you isolated.

To deal with period cramps, some women go for over the counter drugs, such as aspirin. Others, try natural methods, like using hot water bottles or taking a warm bath.

These methods are usually not that effective. You cannot count on them for pain relieve. That is why, TENS machine popularity has skyrocketed.

Using a TENS machine is the ideal way of dealing with period pain. A TENS machine is the natural, non-invasive, drug-free method of switching off pain. To help you make up your mind, here is more about TENS machines:

How Does a TENS Machine Switch off Period Pain?

Any TENS machine comes with pads that you attach to your skin. When the TENS machine is switched on, it sends electric pulses to your body through these pads.

Do not worry, the TENS machine electric pulses do not hurt. They will just give you a soothing tingling feeling.

To feel pain, the hurt area of your body sends signals to your brain. The electric pulses of a TENS machine will drown these pain signals.

They will block the pain signals from reaching the brain. As a result, you will not feel the period pain anymore. The only thing you feel, is the tingling feeling of your TENS machine.

The pulses of a TENS machine will also encourage your body to produce higher levels of endorphins and encephalins. These are the body’s natural pain killing chemicals. They will ease your period pain.

How To Use a TENS Machine?

First, you need to place the TENS machine pads on your skin, near the area of pain. Then, you can switch on your TENS machine and choose the intensity level of the electric pulses. You should be able to feel the tingling of your TENS machine.

However, the TENS machine should not feel uncomfortable for you. When you are done, switch off the TENS machine and remove the pads.

Why Choose ZoeTech TENS Machine?

At ZoeTech, we believe that being a woman does not mean you should endure period pain silently. That is why, we have introduced our TENS machine.

It is portable and discreet. You can wear our TENS machine under your clothes and carry on with your day. No one will notice anything.

Our TENS machine will empower you to take back the power and control of your life. You can easily adjust the intensity of our TENS machine to suit your pain levels and preferences.

Our TENS machine is designed to fit you no matter what shape or size you are. It can also help soothe other lady problems, including PCOS, endometriosis, PID and more.

Do not let period pain ruin your day. Order your TENS machine now!

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