What to Expect When You Start Using a TENS Machine

What to Expect When You Start Using a TENS Machine

It’s always exciting you start a new treatment regime. But with the anticipation can come a tinge of anxiety. The unknown can be intimidating but should be approached with a sense of hope. Positivity always sets you up for the best outcomes.


And so does research and prep work. Finding out as much as you can from reputable sources should provide useful and enlightening information to help establish an informed perspective. And hopefully, increase your confidence when starting something new.


So, if you are just at the beginning of your TENS machine journey, the following might help prepare you for what’s ahead.


Used for?


A TENS machine is used to combat pain. The device provides soothing relief for several pain-related symptoms, from period and back pain to joint and post-operative pain. Your pain will dissipate quickly and effectively when utilising a TENS machine.


A major benefit of the device is the compact, sensitive nature of the design. This allows you to experience pain relief on the go.


Without the need for drug intervention. The streamlined aspect will fit easily, and most importantly undetected, under your clothes. So, no matter where you are, or the situation, you can eradicate the effects of pain and get on with your day without interruption.


Tech Specs?


In a nutshell, a TENS machine limits your ability to feel pain. The device works by sending intermittent electrical pulses through your skin to target your pain receptors. These little jolts of electricity interrupt or prevent pain signals from sending to your brain.


Electrode pads adhere to your body and transmit the required level of pulse intensity appropriate to your level of pain. You will experience a slight vibration or tingling sensation as the pulses pass through your skin and into your muscle tissue. This will increase or decrease in intensity depending on the setting you choose.


Side Effects?


You should not experience any side effects from using a TENS machine. It’s safe, gentle, proven technology that has been used within the medical community for many years. So, you can be confident that the device will not produce any negative outcomes.


However, in certain circumstances, you should consult with your GP before utilising the device:


  • when you are pregnant,
  • if you have a heart condition,
  • where you have electrical or metal implants.


Overall, if you have any concerns, you should always chat with your doctor before embarking on any new pain treatment. But from a general, results-driven perspective, you can expect only good things from your TENS machine.


The TENS Machine Difference


When pain is interrupting your life, finding effective relief is vital if it’s a drug-free pain relief - even better.


With a ZoeTech TENS machine, your pain will melt away with the touch of a button. Suffer in silence no more! Discreet, streamlined, and highly effective, our TENS machine will provide you with portable, pill-free pain relief anytime you need it.


So, don’t let pain dictate your diary. Contact the ZoeTech team and get your hands (well, your body) on a TENS machine today.

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