ZoeTech’s Infrared PEMF Mat Quick Start Program Guide

Welcome to the ZoeTech PEMF Mat Quick Start Guide.  Before you use your new ZoeTech PEMF Mat for the first time, please read these quick start guidelines.  

  1. Inspect your new Product. 
  2. Open the box containing your new ZoeTech PEMF Mat or PEMF Portable Mat.
  3. Remove the Mat from the packaging, and gently unfold the Mat.
  4. Lay the Mat on a flat, firm surface. 

Note: Your ZoeTech PEMF Mat features a quad-fold design for ease of use and transport. This makes the Mat less bulky and easier to pack for business trips or family vacations.

Identify the controller: Note the controller is attached to your Mat. The controller is lightweight and easy to use. 

  1. The controller has an AC cord that you will plug into the closest outlet prior to plugging it into the controller. 
  2. Now you can select your Program, Frequency and Time.  While the mat, ring and mini mat may have different types of controllers, the programming is the same.


Please refer to your usual manual which has been sent to your inbox with detailed instructions on your controller set up and functionality.