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Infrared PEMF Portable Mat

Infrared PEMF Portable Mat

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Relaxation and Holistic Pain Relief in a Mat

  • Speeds up healing and cell regeneration
  • Relieves chronic muscle pain and tension
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Perfect office and travel companion

How It Works

Using low-frequencies, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) sends electromagnetic waves through the body which accelerates the body's healing process. 

Is Zoe Safe?

Yes, we follow stringent testing to ensure you receive a safe and high quality product. Zoe is also CE & TGA approved.


We are proud to offer Free tracked shipping from our Sydney based warehouse. Expect your delivery within 1-8 days from order depending on where you live.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are extremely confident that you will love our ZoeTech products. However if you do not find it suitable for you we do offer a 30-day returns policy fully covered by us.

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A Holistic Approach For Improved Wellbeing

Feel more energized and achieve your optimal health.

Just like our infrared PEMF Mat, this smaller and portable version of the mat provides the same therapeutic benefits in a more compact portable model.

The combined healing properties of infrared, tourmaline stones and PEMF therapy helps enhance self-healing, increases metabolism, relieves pain, enhances brain cell function, and improves overall wellness.

Pain relief
Safe for the skin
Long term pain relief
With healing crystals
Works deep into muscles
Induces feel-good hormones
Low EMF radiation
  • Relief from Chronic Pain

    Tired of chronic pain taking control of your life?

    Rejuvenate the body and mind. Don’t let chronic pain hold you back from living your best life.

    The therapeutic effect of the Infrared in our Mini Mat relieves pain and reduces muscle tension.

    Simply hop on the mat, relax and discover the miracle our Infrared PEMF Mini Mat can bring.

  • Sleep like a baby

    Be ready for the challenges and possibilities of the next day.

    All you need is a 20-minute session before bedtime to relax the body and mind and enjoy a good night's sleep.

    Turn off the lights, put on relaxing music and turn your humidifier on with your favorite relaxing scent.

    The result is a more energized and more focused you the next day.

  • Relaxation anywhere you go

    Stressful situations are everywhere, and we can’t control them.

    And so, we created a “mini” version of our best-selling Infrared PEMF mat.

    With the portable version of the Infrared PEMF Mat, you can now get the same pain relief and relaxation whether you are in your office or on vacation.

    It can also be used to treat localized pain such as period pain or lower back pain.

We've made it easy to LOVE ZoeTech

Free shipping
Holistic Approach
Fast Acting
Portable and Compact
Free Return
Happy Customers


Will this heat up my space?

No, it will not. It will only heat your body. It won't affect the temperature in the room.

What's inside the mat?

There are layers of amethyst and tourmaline crystals in its mesh fabric tubes.

Is it going to be painful?

Definitely not! It offers nothing but relaxation. Just make sure to choose a temperature setting that you're most comfortable with. 

What does PEMF do?

Using low-frequencies, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) sends electromagnetic waves through the body which accelerates the body's healing process. 

Where’s it shipped from?

Shipping is from our Sydney-based warehouse. Expect your delivery within 1-8 days from order depending on where you live.(Please note, delays may occur due toCOVID19 — this is out of our control).

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! We’re 100% confident you’ll be satisfied. However, in the rare case that it’s not for you, contact our customer service team via email within 30 days of purchase: simply return the product and we’ll gladly offer you a refund.

What does it feel like?

Depending on the temperature you choose, this can either be a soothing warmth or a higher heat that mimics a sauna.


Due to the PEMF frequency that runs through the mat, you may feel a slight tingling sensation throughout your session. This tingling should not be painful or uncomfortable in any way.

What are the temperature levels?

Our PEMF Portable Mat comes with 4 adjustable temperature settings to suit your needs.

► Setting 1 (30°C - 40°C ): Soothing warmth designed to aid muscle relaxation.

► Setting 2 (45°C - 50°C): Best for muscle recovery and relaxation.

► Setting 3 (55°C - 60°C ): Toasty warmth designed to get your blood flowing.

► Setting 4 (65°C - 70°C): Designed to mimic the effects of a sauna. Helping your body sweat and detoxify.

It’s very important to listen to your body and find what works best for you. We would recommend starting at 30°C and working your way up from there.

How do I clean the Mat?

Simply clean your Mat with a natural clean wipe. 

How long does the Mat take to heat up?

Once you’ve turned your blanket on and set your preferred temperature the Mat will take 5-10 minutes to warm up.