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Insomnia Pulse Device

Insomnia Pulse Device

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No more tossing and turning and counting sheep.

  • Soothing pulse therapy for insomnia 
  • Sleep better and deeper
  • No side-effects 
  • No groggy feeling
  • Calms and relaxes the mind
  • Easy use: Just hold onto it
  • 1-touch operation
  • Lightweight and portable

How It Works

Utilizing low frequency therapy, you will experience relief without any discomfort. This device’s non-painful sensation signals the brain to relax and feel at ease

Is Zoe Safe?

Yes, we follow stringent testing to ensure you receive a safe and high quality product. Zoe is also CE & TGA approved.


We are proud to offer Free tracked shipping from our Sydney based warehouse. Expect your delivery within 1-8 days from order depending on where you live.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are extremely confident that you will love our ZoeTech products. However if you do not find it suitable for you we do offer a 30-day returns policy fully covered by us.

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Beat Insomnia, This Time, For Real. Pill-Free. Just Hold Onto This Pulse Device & Doze Off Into Dreamland.

The tossing, the turning, counting sheeps on the wall, not to mention the groggy feeling later in the day.. It's not fun! You deserve a good sleep.. always!

Zoe Tech's insomnia pulse device is powered by soothing advanced pulse therapy technology. The gentle, micro-current in this tiny but mighty device stimulates neurotransmitters in the brain, promoting better quality of sleep.

Helps treat sleeplessness
Helps sleep disturbances
Long term better sleep quality
Relieves stress and anxiety
Pill free, no over-medicating
Pulse therapy benefits
Can be used anytime
  • Sleep better and deeper

    Without using any pills or medication, our Insomnia Pulse Device uses advanced microcurrent technology that stimulates the brain to promote longer sleep time, reduced sleep disturbances, and improved sleep quality.

    Just hold onto it and feel its gentle pulse in your palm. The effect is almost immediate.

  • Gentle and soothing, totally pain-free

    Utilizing low frequency therapy, you will experience relief without any discomfort. This device’s non-painful sensation signals the brain to relax and feel at ease.

    Feeling sluggish and in need of a midday nap? Hold on to this pulse device for 20-minute to revive your mind.

    It’s lightweight and compact, you can easily fit it in your pocket or purse. Do yourself a favor and take it with you on those jet setting days.

  • No side effects, just better sleep

    Whilst sleep aid medications may work, no one wants rely on unnatural solutitions - not to mention, the possible irreversible side effects and risk of over medication.

    This insomnia pulse device on the other hand is totally safe and uses your own body’s mechanism to get you back into better sleeping routines. (Just let the device do its work, and take it easy on the caffeine!)

We've made it easy to LOVE ZoeTech

Free shipping
Holistic Approach
Fast Acting
Portable and Compact
Free Return
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We have you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I know when the device is fully charged?

When charging, the LED light flashes. You'll know when it's fully charged when the light stays on.

Does the device vibrate?

No it does not. You will feel gentle, soothing, light zings on your palm instead.

Will it work immediately?

Our customers say that it needs a good 2-3 days for you to finally feel the changes in your sleep.

Do you have an option for a wristband instead of this handheld device?

Sorry, this is a pulse device specifically designed to be held by the palm.

How do I set it up?

No setup needed. Just turn it on and hold the device in your palm.