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Period Pain Heated Massage Belt

Period Pain Heated Massage Belt

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Freedom from period cramps

  • Heats up in seconds so you don't have to wait in pain any longer
  • Evenly distributed heat for efficient and fast relief
  • Adjustable belt that fits most waist sizes (up to 110 cm)
  • Choose between different massage options.
  • Adjustable temperature for maximum comfort
  • It’s rechargeable so you don’t have to buy batteries
  • Easy to clean & easy to use!

How It Works

Simply fit your belt around the designated area and switch on to experience the relief. 

The period pain belt uses advanced heating technology to distribute the heat evenly on the designated area. The combination of heat and massage therapy helps soothe cramps, relax your muscles and reduce unwanted bloating.

Is Zoe Safe?

ZoeTech products are about improving the lives of our amazon customers, ensuring everyone’s safety is our main concern that is why we follow stringent testing to ensure you receive a safe and high quality product. Zoetech is also CE approved.

Free Shipping

Unlike our competitors you are purchasing a ZoeTech product which means your order is shipped right here in Australia, from one of our warehouses in Sydney. Please keep an eye out for your shipping confirmation email arriving, this will include your AusPost tracking link with an expected delivery timeframe of 1-8 business days depending on where your ZoeTech product is heading.

Return Policy

At ZoeTech we are confident that you will love your product. However, if you don’t fall madly in love, we do have a returns policy so you can experience the relief stress free. For more information please read our returns policy.

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Get Immediate Relief From Period Cramps

Isn’t it so frustrating when you have everything planned out for the day and then period cramps hit you hard? Imagine missing life for a day or two every single month? Not to mention the opportunities you are missing out on just because of the monthly period cramps.

Whether you are experiencing period cramps or stomach pain due to indigestion, you can always count on our period pain belt to provide you with immediate relief.

Don’t let period pain ever stop you again from doing what you want!

Fast heating
Easy to clean
Even-Heat Distribution
Adjustable belt
Massage function
Adjustable temperature
  • Evenly Distributed Heat

    The period pain belt uses advanced heating technology to distribute the heat evenly on the belt.

    This feature ensures safety from overheating whilst providing faster relief.

  • Easy-to-use

    With easy-to-use setting control, you have the option to easily increase or decrease the temperature and choose massage patterns you like!

    This gives you the flexibility to adjust the heat whether you are only looking for a relaxing warm compress around your abdominal area or if you are experiencing pain.

  • Take it with you wherever you go

    The compact design & portability of our period pain belt allows you to bring it anywhere you go.

    Now you can have relief anywhere you want! Whether you are in the office or the house, or even while you are on the move, you can take the period pain belt with you.

    Did we mention this is also rechargeable? So you don’t need a power outlet if you need to use it.

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Free shipping
Holistic Approach
Fast Acting
Portable and Compact
Free Return
Happy Customers

We have YOU covered.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do you use this product?

Our period pain belt is very easy to use. Just wear it around your waist, turn it on then adjust the settings accordingly.

How do you clean this?

You can clean this by spot cleaning with soft cloth & water.

Are there precautions in using this product?

It is generally safe to use, but if you have existing medical conditions such as cardiovascular problems, gout, skin disorder, or pregnancy, please refrain from using this product & consult with your doctor first.

Will this cause damage to my skin?

Definitely NOT! The temperature of our Period Pain Belt is tolerable and is proven safe during our quality check. It also gives you the option to adjust the temperature according to your needs. As a general precaution, please do not use if you have existing burns/ wounds in the area to avoid further damage.