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Experience precision, innovation, and commitment with every property valuation service offered by Zoe & Co. Born in Perth and now a force to reckon with nationally, our suite of services is built on advanced technology, deep market insights, and unwavering dedication to our clients.

Residential Property Valuation

Delve deep into your property's real worth
Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, or just gauge the current market value, our residential valuations are underpinned by rigorous data analysis and a profound understanding of local property markets.

Commercial Property Valuation

Making business properties business-ready
From office spaces to retail outlets, our commercial property valuation combines tech-driven methodologies with market foresight, setting the stage for informed business decisions.

Development Site Valuations

Future-proof your property development ambitions
With our keen eye for potential, we guide developers with accurate assessments of land and property destined for transformation.

Rental Valuations

Set the right price for your space
Navigating the ever-changing rental landscape can be tricky. Our rental valuation service ensures your property’s rent is aligned perfectly with the current market.

Mortgage & Finance Valuations

Secure your property finances with confidence
Whether you’re a homeowner or an investor, our mortgage valuation services are trusted by financial institutions across Australia.

Taxation Valuation

Stay ahead with tax obligations
From capital gains tax to stamp duty, our valuation services are tailored to meet specific taxation requirements, ensuring full compliance without the guesswork.

Insurance Valuations

Protect what’s precious
Our insurance valuation services ensure you’re not under or over-insured, giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that your property’s true value is recognised.

Property Settlement Valuations

Smooth out property transitions
Whether it’s divorce, estate planning, or any other form of property transfer, we deliver impartial, accurate valuations to facilitate fair settlements.

Seek the Zoe & Co Difference

At Zoe & Co Property Valuers, we’re more than just numbers. We’re about providing a seamless experience, tailored advice, and ensuring every client feels valued. Dive into our comprehensive service offerings and let us redefine property valuation for you.
For more details or to request a service, reach out to our dedicated team.